Student Justice Platform

student justice platform

Vote in Solidarity with
Oakland Students!

Students are the experts of our own experiences. Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) must center our voices in its decision-making processes. Our Student Justice Platform outlines demands from over 1,400 student surveys from across the district and we demand OUSD Board Directors implement these priorities.

We Demand Access to Health & Wellness

OUSD must provide resources and curriculum to support all students’ mental health and physical wellness in and out of the classroom.


Our specific demands include:

  • Sanitary supplies: soap, tissue, toilet paper, tampons/pads
  • Daily maintenance of bathrooms and student common areas
  • Clean facilities that are open so students can access them within a reasonable timeframe 
  • A Health class that teaches us: first-aid training, nutrition education, how to maintain proper hygiene
  • Curriculum that teaches us how to cope with stress and process emotions
  • Provide students with one excused mental health / sick day per month

We Demand Community-Centered Schools

OUSD must cultivate environments rooted in student leadership, experience-based learning, and belonging to create safety for all students.

Our specific demands include:

  • Offer students more hands-on opportunities and experiential learning
  • Provide more community building opportunities into classroom time that foster collaboration and promotes positive school culture
  • Adopt teaching practices that create safe, high-quality, and compassionate classrooms.   
  • Opportunities for students to give regular structured feedback to staff to improve campus culture and classroom practices.
  • Mandated Board Director participation in school activities and events such as: campus culture walks, sporting events, student and/or family forums, meetings with leadership and teachers. 
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We Demand Essential Life Skills

OUSD must provide all students with the necessary skills and resources to successfully navigate life beyond school.

Life Skills (1)

Our specific demands include:

  • Financial Literacy such as: Budgeting, Taxes, Credit, Loans
  • Housing Assistance, Processes, and Rights
  • Electives with Career Exploration Opportunities 
  • Jobs Training Opportunities and Internships
  • Hire additional Counselors to Increase College, Career and Life Planning Support
  • Driver’s Education made available during the school day