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  • Oakland Youth Vote is a critical opportunity to center youth voice and build the power of young people who are most directly impacted by OUSD policies. The passage of Measure QQ opens up a lane to transform the electoral landscape of Oakland schools and ensure that students have a hand in who is elected to represent their interests on the Board of Education.



  • The Oakland Youth Vote Coalition is led by: Oakland Kids First, All City Council Student Union, Californians For Justice, Youth Together, AYPAL, and the Oakland Youth Commission to fight for student power in OUSD and create an onramp to broader democratic participation for young people. The coalition was born out of the campaign to win Measure QQ in 2020, and grew into a multi-phase campaign to implement Measure QQ and expand youth democracy in Oakland.


  • Youth were frustrated with lack of power
    • The Oakland Youth Vote (OYV) campaign came together to secure voting rights for 16 and 17 year-old youth in Oakland School Board elections. This effort emerged out of youth’s shared frustration of the limitations of student advocacy at the school board level and a broader desire to build political power for young people. This collaborative effort was made possible by long standing relationships rooted in Meaningful Student & Family Engagement work, the ad hoc Oakland Youth Coalition, and the nascent Justice 4 Oakland Students Coalition. 
  • Selected youth vote as issue
  • Got it placed on the ballot
  • Ran campaign
  • Passed measure
  • Implementation / work youth have done

Oakland Youth Leaders Are Making History!

Hundreds of Oakland youth successfully organized and campaigned to get the Oakland City Council to pass a resolution placing Youth Vote on the November ballot.

After a year of testifying, writing letters, drafting the legislation and securing 300 endorsements, the City Council voted unanimously to put it on the ballot. Youth Vote is now Measure QQ and if it passes, Oakland will become the 6th city in the country to allow 16 and 17 years-olds the right to vote in School Board elections!

Measure QQ Steering Committee and
Core Student Leaders Committee:

All City Council Student Union, Oakland Kids First, Oakland Youth Advisory Commission, Justice for Oakland Students Coalition, Youth Together, Californians for Justice, AYPAL: Building API Power, and Power California.