Implement Measure QQ NOW!

  • In 2020, Measure QQ was passed by 67% of Oakland voters. However, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters has yet to take the critical steps to move this forward to accommodate youth voters in time for the November 2022 election.
  • Young people are ready to vote now; they know what they and their communities need for their futures.
  • Implementing Measure QQ immediately, values democracy by honoring the will of Oakland voters and the rights of Oakland youth.

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Our Student Justice Platform education demands from Oakland Students.

Student Justice

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Join the ACLU, League of Women Voters, OEA, Mayor Schaaf, CA Schools Superintendent Tony Thurmond, Alameda Labor Council, Alameda County Democratic Party, and more in supporting YES on QQ!​

Student Justice Platform

1,400 students across OUSD have identified the following priorities:

We Demand Access to Health & Wellness

OUSD must provide resources and curriculum to support all students' mental health and physical wellness in and out of the classroom.

We Demand Community-Centered Schools

OUSD must cultivate environments rooted in student leadership, experience-based learning, and belonging to create safety for all students.

We Demand Essential Life Skills

OUSD must provide all students with the necessary skills and resources to successfully navigate life beyond school.

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